Al-Qaswa used furniture buyer in abu dhabi

Living Room Furniture

We buy and sell secondhand living room furniture. Including sofa sets, dinning room furniture. If you have a couch in good condition and you want to make some money on old one give us a call and we will pay and take away your used sofa in no time.

Bedroom Furniture Buyers

Need an upgrade your bedroom and don't know what to do with the old bedroom furniture? Don't worry we will offer your best price if your bedroom furniture is in the good condition. We make your life easier and will take away your old furniture in a snap.

Home Appliances Buyers

At Welcome Used Furniture we buy secondhand furniture home appliances. The better condition your item is the better price we will offer. If you are selling your old Refrigerator, freezer, blender, Tv, Hover, Burner, Cooking Range, Washing Machine, Home theater then we are the best used appliances buyers in Abu Dhabi


Our second hand furniture stores are located all across Abu Dhabi. Our main used furniture store in Mussafah and in other areas in Abu Dhabi. We buy all kinds of used furniture in Abu Dhabi also we buy used appliances in Abu Dhabi.


There is a lot of used furniture shops in Mussafah but our services are totally professional and valuable prices according to the quality of your furniture and items. We are buy clean and good quality used furniture in Abu dhabi and used appliances as well as. We are the best used furniture shop in mussafah because we are respecting our clients and giving value to their items.


We buy and sell old furniture in Abu Dhabi in high quality and valuable prices. We are not looking for money our main purpose is to help our customers as we buy old furniture in Abu Dhabi are serving since 25 years in abu dhabi located in Abu Dhabi Mussafah. We have more than 5000 customers who sold their old furniture in Abu Dhabi to us.


We have Furniture Stores in the Capital City of abu dhabi. We are delivering Good Quality Used Furnitures Materials to Our Clients most of we are buying Furniture from Arabian And European nationalities which is in Good Conditions. As you know our more Services are Furniture Transfer Service, Used Air Conditioners Buy and Sell, Home Appliance, All Kind of second hand furnitures buying and selling. but we are buying only used furniture which are in good condition otherwise we are not buying.


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