We are used electronics buyers Abu Dhabi and we are here to buy all

 the electronic items that are in good condition and you want to sell. 

There are times where we want to sell our used items and it is 

because we need to relocate our home and it would be hard to bring it with us.

Why do you need to bring it all when you can try to look for us, 

the used electronics buyers Abu Dhabi where you can sell it on the very 

good price? 

Whether you are near or far in Abu Dhabi, you can sell it to our used 

electronics shop in Abu Dhabi .

As the trusted used electronics buyers Abu Dhabi, we can buy a lot of 

household electronics and these are:

  • Air conditioner

    Our service includes the buying of used AC in Abu Dhabi. You can sell the 

    Our used electronics buyers Abu Dhabi knows how AC is very essential 

  • brands such as Samsung, Hitachi, LG, Hisense, Elekta, Akai, Aftron, Westpoint, 

  • Nikai, TCL and other brands of 

  • aircondition that are popular in abu dhabi.

  • on every home here in Abu Dhabi. It helps in maintaining the temperature 

  • of our home especially when it is too hot. It also helps in filtering the air 

  • and makes it clean and improve its quality.

  • Washing machine

    To buy used washing machine in Abu Dhabi is also included in our service. 

    We will check the quality of your furniture and our price would be depends on 

  • that and on the brand. We will make sure that our used electronics buyers 

  • Abu Dhabi can give you best service when it comes to selling used items.

  • If you have use washing machine that you already want to sell then our 

  • used electronics buyers Abu Dhabi are the best people that you must contact on

  • We buy any types and brands of washing machine such as top load, 

  • front load and etc. We can buy brands such as Samsung washing machine, 

  • LG, Bosch, Siemens, Aftron and a lot more.

  • Dryer

    Are you interested in selling your dryers that are still in good condition? 

  • You must start on looking for the used electronics buyers Abu Dhabi 

  • that can buy it from you in the price that it deserves to have. 

  • Once we checked your used dryer, we will give exact price for it and 

  • if we both agree then we will take it from you and buy it.

  • Dishwasher

    We also buy used dishwashers in Abu Dhabi. In wherever your location is, 

  • we can purchase it from you. Another way of selling it to us is by contacting 

  • us online or WhatsApp and sends us the photos of the items that you are 

  • planning to sell. It would be great if you can also send videos especially 

  • if you are far from our location. Our used electronics buyers Abu Dhabi 

  • will check its condition and give price on how much they are willing to buy it.

  • Television

    If you have used LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Nikai, Aftron used television in Abu Dhabi

  •  then you can already sell it to us especially if you are planning to 

  • buy new and modern style type of television. There’s no need for you to 

  • stock it up on your home if you are not be going to use it. If you can sell it to 

  • the used electronics buyers Abu Dhabi and earn money from it then 

  • why not sell it? You can also use the money to buy the new type of television 

  • that you would like to get.

  • Refrigerator

    When we are planning to move our items to other home, 

    There are still a lot of items that you can sell from us. 

  • Those items can be the microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, 

  • water heater, sewing machines, iron and other household electronics.

  •  If you still have good quality items at home then you must contact 

  • used electronics buyers Abu Dhabi.

  • we might think on selling our used items to the used electronics 

  • buyers Abu Dhabi and this includes the refrigerator.

  •  You can sell it for the price that you are expecting due to its 

  • quality as long as you will look for the professional used appliances buyers

  •  that can buy the items that you are selling.


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